Augusta Riverhawks Booster Club

Top Stories (Updated 11/23/2013)

Team Owner Kerzner Issues Statement on Future of RiverHawks

President's Corner

Dear All,

Well it is not looking too good for professional hockey in this area!

The fact that Bob has had to take legal action against the JBA and Global Spectrum to recover the money that he lost at the end of last season would seem to point to a parting of the ways and as such the end of the RiverHawks as we know them.

I was speaking with Mark recently and he told me that Bob would dearly love to keep the team in the area as he really thinks he could make a go of it. He has been in talks with Columbia County and from what I understand the County would be happy to come up with some land for a new arena but is not at this moment willing to come up with any money. According to Mark, plans have been drawn up for a new arena but the cost would be around $18,000,000 – not much if you say it quickly. Bob is looking for maybe 4 – 5 investors to come up with around $4 million each. If any of you have that kind of money tucked away under your mattress Bob would love to hear from you! Alternatively, the PowerBall jackpot is over $150,000,000 this week.

Obviously the Booster Club will need to seriously consider the way forward. This will be one of the items on the agenda for the next meeting that has been changed to MONDAY OCTOBER 21st.

Hope to see you there